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Bath Spa University where creative minds meet.

"Being creative isn’t just about art, music, drama… although that’s part of it. It’s ingrained in the way we teach. Our ethos. All our students are encouraged to be creative problem-solvers – they are enterprising and innovative."

– Professor Sue Rigby, Vice-Chancellor

Our Values

We want the best for our students. we want you to graduate with an understanding of the local, regional and global context, and with networks across all three. You should have a broad understanding of the world in which you will be working, and be ready to face the challenges of the workplace. You must be technologically adroit while understanding those who are not. You need to develop sharp analytic skills with cutting edge creativity and entrepreneurial flair. We want you to be proud of your association with Bath Spa University.

We promise to treat you as individuals, not just as numbers. We will provide the support you need to grow and develop, both intellectually and as citizens. We know that you value the experience you receive as Bath Spa students, and we will not compromise on that.

Our Context and Ambition

We are an innovative and resourceful University with roots in the synergies between employers and creativity that are the drivers of sustainable economic development. We pride ourselves on our sense of community and our nurturing ethos.

Our excellent research is novel and crosses disciplines; we value both making and the links between thinking and doing. We welcome the diversity of our students, and their multiple narratives, and we are a place where students change their lives and change the world.

In the next decade we will apply our skills to global challenges and local opportunities, we will focus as one community able to harness all of our strengths and capabilities, and while looking outwards we will be rooted in Bath, essential to the city and the region.

Our Education Strategy

As an explorative applied learning community we will nurture lifelong learning capabilities, instilling the curiosity and confidence all our students need to navigate a challenging ever changing world of opportunity.

Our curriculum will be applied with an emphasis on developing creative, sustainable solutions to local and global challenges. Through the curriculum, the learning environment and our pedagogical approaches, we will prepare our students for diverse and evolving careers that are meaningful to them, and that enable them to be responsible global citizens. We will do this through a personalised and caring approach to learning and wellbeing. By doing this, we can make the world better.

Undergraduate; 15 months after graduation; HESA Graduate Outcome Survey 2018

Most improved commitment to Employability at the NUE Awards 2020

First-class award makes us one of the greenest UK universities 2019

Postgraduate; 15 months after graduation; HESA Graduate Outcome Survey 2018