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Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK

BA (Hons) Business & Management (Accounting Pathway)

Delivery Type: Day

Duration: 3 years

Intake: September

Admission Centers:
  • Academic Centre RAK
  • Ajman Admission Office
  • Abu Dhabi Admission Office
Contact Details:
  • 07 236 9495
  • 06 7488 432
  • 02 6444 316

Program Overview

The BA (Hons) Business and Management (Accounting Pathway) offered by Bath Spa University Academic Centre Ras Al Khaimah is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a successful career in the field of accounting, finance, investments, auditing, taxation, and other finance-related strategic roles in business.

In addition to gaining a deep understanding of financial statements analysis, investment opportunities evaluation, financial plans design, and strategic decision-making in the areas of accounting, banking, finance, and investments, students will also have the opportunity to participate in bespoke work-based learning projects.

These projects are specifically designed to help students grow their professional skills and expand their network by working with a team of students to solve real-world business challenges. As a result, students will graduate with not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experience, making them highly attractive to potential employers.

The demand for accounting and finance professionals in the UAE is continuously increasing, particularly due to the introduction of VAT and corporate tax in GCC countries. Therefore, this program will equip students with the necessary skills to take advantage of the good job opportunities available in the region.


Program Accreditation and Exemptions

Bath Spa University’s academic centre in Ras Al Khaimah has an accredited BA (Hons) Business and Management (Accounting) program, and students who complete the program can receive exemptions for up to 9 papers from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) certification program. The papers for which exemptions are available include:

1. Business and Technology
2. Management Accounting
3. Financial Accounting
4. Corporate and Business Law
5. Performance Management
6. Taxation
7. Financial Reporting
8. Audit and Assurance
9. Financial Management

These exemptions can help students save time and money while pursuing ACCA certification, and also demonstrate the high quality of education provided by Bath Spa University’s program.

Course Assessment

You will be assessed in a wide range of ways that will test your business knowledge and management skills. These could include presentations, work-related projects, group-work, computer- based simulations, podcasts, examinations, essays, videos, and business reports.

Teaching Method

We offer various ways in the way we teach. We deliver lessons through lectures and often times set you with challenges so you can find the answers for yourself. Most modules use a mix of lectures and small group seminars. There is a good blend of online activities using our virtual learning environment, Minerva. We invite business leaders through series of talks describing their professional experiences. We also arrange visits to local businesses. All of our teaching methods facilitate your development as self-directed learners. You will be given personal support in your study – we are a friendly team of faculty members who are committed to helping students achieve their goals.

Course Structure

First Year (Level 4)

  • BMA4000-20 The Business Environment (C)
  • BMA4003-20 Managing Data (R)
  • BMA4200-20 Financial Accounting for Business Enterprise (R)

  • BMA4001-20 Organisational Behaviour and Management (C)
  • BMA4002-20 Economics and Globalisation (R)
  • BMA4201-20 Cost and Management Accounting (R)

Second Year (Level 5)

  • BMA5000-20 Creativity for Business (C)
  • BMA5200-20 Business Law (R)
  • BMA5201-20 UK Taxation (R)

  • BMA5202-20 Performance Management (R)
  • BMA5001-20 Innovation Management (R)
  • BMA5102-20 Human Resource Management (R)

Third Year (Level 6)

  • BMA6105-20 Managing Sustainability (C)
  • BMA6200-20 Financial Management (R)
  • BMA6201-20 Financial Reporting (R)

  • BMA6001-40 Accounting Project (C)
  • BMA6202-20 Audit and Assurance (R)

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