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BA (Hons) Creative Media

Delivery Type: Day

Duration: 3 years

Intake: September

Admission Centres:
  • Academic Centre RAK
  • Ajman Admission Office
  • Abu Dhabi Admission Office
Contact Details:
  • 07 236 9495
  • 06 7488 432
  • 02 6444 316

Programme Overview

The BA Creative Media programme is designed to address the long-felt needs of media and creative industries and is developed and delivered in partnership with them. The degree course will develop students’ creative potential through an innovative curriculum that encourages them to become critical, reflective practitioners aware of the challenges and opportunities of contemporary media work. The programme rests on twin pillars of entrepreneurship and creative practice. Creative entrepreneurship skills are developed through the course’s core professional development strand and a series of workshops. A 1:1 mentoring scheme further supports final year students in their first project work. Collaborative professional practice is built on a secure foundation of content creation skills in a variety of media and, as a whole, the degree provides students with a critical understanding of key aspects of creative media industries today. 

In this course students follow a programme of modules designed to foster entrepreneurial approaches and a reflective and critical understanding of creative media. These core modules offer personal development which includes industry orientation and develops understanding of extant and emerging models of professional practice. Student work in core modules is further developed in a choice of specialist modules drawn from a range of options. The programme emphasises both the creation of original content and the experience of working with industry that is necessary for its dissemination. 

On successful completion of the programme of study, students will emerge as socially aware, technically-skilled, and, above all, critically reflective creative media practitioners. A Creative Media student will be able to work as an entrepreneurial problem-solver, able to listen, analyse, suggest and construct business solutions in a range of commercial and not-for-profit environments. Key to Creative Media is its blending of technical skills, aesthetic understanding, strong creative abilities and critical approaches to media texts, audiences and professional practices and the ability to apply this combination of skills in an industrial context. The degree will equip students for work in a range of creative media industry settings.

Course Assessment

A range of summative assessment tasks will be used to test the Intended Learning Outcomes in each module. These are indicated in the attached assessment map which shows which tasks are used in which modules. Students will be supported in their development towards summative assessment by appropriate formative exercises. Please note: if you choose an optional module from outside this programme, you may be required to undertake a summative assessment task that does not appear in the assessment grid here in order to pass that module.

Teaching Method

Your learning is supported in a variety of ways. You’ll take part in media production sessions making use of the purpose-built media facilities at Bath Spa. You’ll plan and discuss work and reference points in seminars and workshops, and stage exhibitions and showcases of your work. You’ll be supported by an experienced team of media professionals and technical support staff. Visiting speakers and mentors from the media industries enrich your experience and connect you with contemporary production and the landscape of the creative sector.

Course Structure

First Year (Level 4)

Develop your skills, discover ways of evolving your creative practice and build your production and problem-solving abilities individually and in teams. You’ll be exposed to critical media practices that engage with key social, political and environmental issues. You’ll develop skills in digital storytelling, digital content production, image manipulation and moving image production. You’ll begin to develop your industry-standard production skills by working on a series of live client briefs for multi-platform content projects. You'll also learn independent project production skills by creating personal work supported by staff and led by your medium of choice and personal passions. 

  • Digital Content Creation – 20 credits
  • Short Film Production: Drama – 20 credits
  • Creative Photography – 20 credits

  • Digital Practice – 20 credits
  • Short Film Production: Documentary – 20 credits
  • Storytelling for Content Creation – 20 credits

Second Year (Level 5)

Begin to specialise. Hone your skills on larger scale creative content projects, learn post-production and animation skills, work on experimental, socially engaged and critical media making projects, and build your contextual skills. You’ll produce a range of creative projects including; multi-platform digital experiences, podcasts, animations, short films, interactive documentaries, remixed media and digital campaigns.


  • Advanced Digital Practice –20 credi


  • ParticipatorMedia – 20 credits
  • Visual Effects I – 20 credits


  • Everyday Media Making – 20 credits
  • Commissioning Content Creation – 20 credits


  • Promotional Media – 20 credits
  • The Independent Magazine – 20 credits
  • Creative Industry Challenge – 20 credits
  • Visual Effects II – 20 credits

Third Year (Level 6)

You’ll work on a variety of live client briefs, hone your individual creative practice, and develop your professional identity and portfolio. Artswork Media provides a unique opportunity to transition from being a Creative Media student to becoming an industry professional. You’ll also be free to follow your passions in a personal project, allowing you to synthesise all you’ve learnt in the past three years into one “calling card” piece of work that fully expresses your style, skills and employability. 


  • Creative Media Enterprise – 40 credits


  • Digital Innovation and Enterprise – 20 credits
  • The Commissioning Editor – 20 credits


  • Professional Practice – 20 credits


  • Personal Project – 40 credits
  • Creative Incubator – 20 credits

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