International Foundation Studies - Bath Spa University RAK

Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK

International Foundation Studies

Delivery Type: Day

Duration: 1 year

Intake: September

Admission Centers:
  • Academic Centre RAK
  • Ajman Admission Office
  • Abu Dhabi Admission Office
Contact Details:
  • 07 236 9495
  • 06 7488 432
  • 02 6444 316

Program Overview

Diploma in International Foundation Studies (UKEB Level 3) is a programme for Higher Education that is designed to help students to secure the knowledge, skills, and behaviours needed to succeed in higher education and successfully progress onto the 1st year of a University. This programme includes contemporary business, computing, psychology, medical, and transferable skills-focused contents that not only provide opportunities for students to develop behaviours appropriate for higher education study but also for future lifelong learning.

Course Assessment

Examination includes seen and unseen exams such as coursework assignments (including problem solving activities, simulations, consultancy projects, individual and group reports, as well as more conventional written forms such as essays and other discursive assignments); course presentations; and reflective form of assessments (e.g. portfolios, learner logs, and peer engagement).

Teaching Method

Teaching and learning situations such as lectures, tutorials and seminars, live and simulated case studies. It also includes independent and group activities (class and non-class based). Students will also get a chance to have Guest Speakers and subject specialists. A network of visiting speakers and mentors keep you in touch with developments in the tech/creative sectors, while a team of technical demonstrators reinforce the ‘skills training’ aspects of your learning.

Course Structure


  • Academic English
  • Mathematics
  • Professional and Academic Skills


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