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MSc Creative Computing

Delivery Type: Weekend/Weekday

Duration: 1/2 year/s

Intake: February/September

Admission Centers:
  • Academic Centre RAK
  • Ajman Admission Office
  • Abu Dhabi Admission Office
Contact Details:
  • 07 236 9495
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  • 02 6444 316

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PASSING RATE 2022-2023

Programme Overview

Creative Computing is everywhere. The collision of good ideas and technological innovation continues to enhance how we communicate, learn, play, work and live. Our growing reliance on computing tools and experiences nevertheless demands a new form of talent – people who are technical yet creative, analytical yet playful, and experimental yet business-minded. MSc Creative Computing has been designed to respond to this growing need within the creative industries. You’ll undertake modules designed to enhance your understanding and application of technology in a creative context, while gaining essential skills in creative research, interdisciplinary collaboration and enterprise. MSc Creative Computing aims to develop high-value postgraduates that can enhance the output and trajectory of any digital agency. You’ll be taught the key skills needed to conduct creative research, shape a product to ‘market ready’ stage, and collaborate productively with practitioners within unfamiliar fields. This is a flexible course that responds to your practice – whether you’re a game designer, software developer, animator or web technologist. You’ll undertake modules designed to enhance your understanding of the creative industries and digital creativity more widely, yet on your own terms, with an emphasis on deploying your own creative and technological skills in new, rewarding contexts.

Course Assessment

MSc Creative Computing is entirely coursework assessed. You’ll deliver a varied and balanced collection of computing artefacts, tech experiments, and interactive experiences. Project work is supported by contextual essays, research reports, reflective commentaries, sketchbooks, development documents, and presentations.

Teaching Method

We combine academic study with practice-based teaching. You’ll learn through a variety of activities including lectures, seminars, workshops, tutorials, online activity and discussion, work-based learning and research projects. Staff on this course offer access to a wide range of academic and practical expertise in business and management. You’ll benefit from one-to-one tutorials, workshops, peer- support and shared learning. We work with you to ensure that what you learn on the course translates into effective practice in the workplace, and develops your professional potential.

Course Structure


Hackspace takes an experimental approach. You will develop demonstrable proof-of- concept artefacts that target a selection of creative tools and technologies.

A practice-led research investigation in the field of Creative Computing. Here you have the opportunity to refine your creative and technological skills, apply research, and development skills.

  • Hackspace
  • Research Methods


Learn how to lead teams to shape original social enterprise or commercial ideas for the marketplace. You'll work with members of the Creative Computing subject team to project manage and support undergraduate students who are negotiating an in-house creative incubator.

Interrogate the intersection of storytelling and digital creativity. You'll collaborate with Creative Computing and Publishing students to create artefacts that inform, persuade or entertain.

  • Creative Leadership
  • Digital Storytelling


Gain essential knowledge of project scoping, objective setting, data collection and analysis methods, and effective documentation. Devised Project II is also a practice-led research investigation in the field of Creative Computing. It gives the opportunity to enhance creative and technological skills of the students, apply research and development skills, and importantly, create something that nobody has created before.

  • Devised Project I
  • Devised Project II

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