BSU Connect | E-News Courier (June Edition) - Bath Spa University RAK

BSU Connect | E-News Courier (June Edition)

July 2, 2022

Bath Spa University, a 170-year-old higher education institution in the UK, is about Championing Creativity, Culture, Enterprise, and Innovation! The trademark reflects holistically at its approved University Academic Center in Ras Al Khaimah, a top-quality education frontrunner in the emirates.

In seven years in the emirates, the University embarks on a journey as a beacon of hope and blessings, especially for the financially-challenged, yet deserving students. It has been a conduit for a diverse community that yearns for a world-class education that responds to the fast-changing demands of industries. Society’s needs and aspirations continue to evolve drastically in a split moment uncontrollably. Technology plays an indispensable role in the new physiognomy of education.

BSU Connect’s launching is in the positive outlook of staying on point. It springs forth to ride with the overwhelming whims of the emerging virtual world. It is stylistically born to strengthen and level up the University’s relevance in conjunction with the digital evolution of learning.

In a non-orthodox approach, away from conventional campus newsletter or university magazine, BSU Connect dares to feature the University in videos and print narratives gravitating toward the celebration of Life, Insights, Stories, and People. It serves as a raconteur and a channel of monthly updates on its thrust to publish for the academic community and other stakeholders digitally.

BSU Connect, on its right, resonates with digital storytelling that communicates to its readers or viewers through the use of technology without minifying the spectrum of human emotions.

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