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BSU Cares 2023: Giving Back and Uplifting Communities

May 11, 2023

BSU Cares was founded with the noble purpose of helping less fortunate people and strengthening communities. Bath Spa University Academic Center Ras Al Khaimah is proud to contribute not only to the business sector but also to society and its community via a variety of channels and other CSR initiatives.

This year – 2023, the university partnered with the Filipino and Pakistani communities by providing school supplies to the tribal students and relief to flood victims.

Education is a fundamental human right, but for many tribal children in the Philippines, accessing quality education can be challenging. Limited resources, remote locations, and cultural barriers often prevent these communities from receiving the education they need to thrive. That’s why BSU RAK Campus has prioritized supporting the educational needs of indigenous student communitie.

Through the BSU Care Back to School campaign, the university has gathered stationery and other educational materials such as pens, pencils, and notebooks for the indigenous student communities in the Philippines. This year’s beneficiary is one of the IPEd-implementing schools in the Division of General Santos City in the far-flung area of Barangay Sinawal, Sitio Pao Pao. The Pao Pao Elementary School has been serving Kindergarten- Grade 6 pupils since 1998 and caters to 75.8% or 276 IP learners out of 364 learners’ total population.

The initiative was made possible by collaborating with the Research Extension and Development Office of the Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges in General Santos City, Philippines. The university gathered the materials and donated them to the school to help support the educational needs of the students.

“It means a lot to receive this support from BSU RAK Campus,” says the project proponents. “Students come from economically challenged families, and these materials will help them continue their education without worrying about the cost of stationery and other materials.”

The BSU Care Back to School campaign has had a significant impact on the lives of these students, enabling them to continue their education and pursue their dreams. However, the need for support is ongoing, and there are still many tribal communities in the Philippines who struggle to access quality education. In addition, the campaign this year also reached Pakistan communities who are victims of flood.

If you would like to support similar initiatives or get involved somehow, we encourage you to reach out to organizations in this field. Together, we can help ensure that every child in the Philippines and other countries has access to quality education and the tools they need to succeed.

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