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GoHuntr- Associate Huntr

We are a team of expats. We experienced and navigated the difficulties of job hunting and working abroad. We have been there and have done that. We know and understand how challenging it can be! We know of everyone’s dreams, which akin to ours, is to build a better future for ourselves and our family. The dream of a better life because at the end of the day, who doesn’t?

We have created GoHuntr to reach out to all aspiring for a better tomorrow. To provide a credible platform when hunting for the next job and where employers have easy access to a diverse talent pool.

  • Department: Operations/Sales/Marketing
  • Role: Associate Huntr
  • Set-up: Work From Home/Online
  • Duration: 3 Months (Extendable)
  • Website:
  • – Social Media Management
  • – Email Campaigns
  • – B2B Customer Acquisition
  • – WordPress Development Training
  • – Events Management Assistant
  • – Writing Blogs (Once a week)

Multiline Design & Contracting - Graphic Designer Assistant

Our mission is to deliver best interior design solutions through excellent service quality and innovative concepts that address the growing needs of todays’ market. We are committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment to our stakeholders by complying and implementing QHSE Policies approved by local and international standards.

Multiline is driven by a set of values, which are embedded in each of our activities and processes. These are: Quality, Reliability, Loyalty, Integrity, and Commitment.

  • Department: Sales and Marketing
  • Role: Graphics Designer Assistant
  • Set-up: On-site
  • Duration: 3 Months (Extendable)
  • Website:
  • – Produce high quality artwork within agreed deadline using various software applications.
  • – Assist in updating the company website with graphics and multimedia.
  • – Assist in creation of written, video, and image content for marketing channels.
  • – Assist in creating design artworks for social media posts, promotional emails, and other marketing collateral.
  • – Assist in maintaining and managing digital files and artworks.
  • – Performs related duties as requred.

Landmark Group - Event Specialist

Landmark Group is one of the largest, most successful retail and hospitality conglomerate in the Middle East, Africa and India. Founded in 1973, the Group encourages entrepreneurship which in turn has pioneered leading homegrown brands that are market leaders in their categories and are known to deliver exceptional value to customers. In the last four years, the Group has doubled its store count, and now has over 55,000 employees and operates over 2,300 outlets across 22 countries.

  • Department: Sustainability and CSR
  • Role: Event Specialist
  • Set-up: On-site
  • Duration: 4-6 weeks
  • Website:

The role is designed to provide support to the team executing the Beat Diabetes Day (CSR Initiative) scheduled to take place on 26 November 2021 at Za’abeel Park. The event specialist must provide support on the following:

  • – Increase registration through reach out to schools and corporates.
  • – Manage registration lists.
  • – Logistical support on the day and prior of the event.
  • – Vendor conversation and management.

Darcey Flowers - Graphic and Web Designer

A world class florist in the United Arab Emirates that is committed in delivering floral innovation, nurtures client relationships to provide an enriching and memorable experience, valuing employee loyalty and responsive to the needs of the community.

Darcey Flowers aims to carry out excellence in innovation. It is also committed to provide its customers an elevating experience of purchasing quality products and services and at the same time supports employee’s growth and development.

  • Department: Creative and Marketing
  • Role: Graphic and Web Desginer
  • Set-up: On-site
  • Duration: 3 Months (Extendable)
  • Website:
  • – Creates layouts and designs for advertisement and landing pages.
  • – Editing images for websites and social media.
  • – Conceptualizing and creating design assets for company branding.
  • – Ensuring final graphics and layouts are visually appealing and brand-consistent.
  • – Preparing rough drafts and ideas.

BPO - Business Development Associate/Marketing Associate

  • Department: Marketing
  • Role: Business Development Associate/Marketing Associate
  • Set-up: On-site
  • Duration: Full Time
  • Website: BPO Accounting Services
  • – Develop clientele for the following business lines:
    • – Finance & Accounting Services and Audit for United Arab Emirates.
    • – Programs offered by Institute of Global Education & Management, a joint venture partner of BPO Accounting Services.
  • – Strategically plan, create media content, promote and handle all social media advertisement.
  • – Plan, prepare and implement marketing activities (annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, project based as applicable)
  • – Collect and report on internet traffic feedback and propose amendments to external agencies, if applicable (social media, etc).
  • – Undertake continuous research and propose and present new promotional ideas and tactical strategies to increase revenue.
  • – Compile feedback relating to marketing to be included in events evaluations.
  • – Assist with development and management of marketing budgets for each event.
  • – Support Partner in charge for communications in the development of communication plans.
  • – Develop, manage, and maintain marketing database including all contacts (CRM), research reports, event administration, etc.
  • – Telemarketing for BPOAS.
  • – Distribution of Flyers.
  • – Discussing offered services and understanding client required services.
  • – Communication processes and negotiating with clients.
  • – Setting and meeting with clients.
  • – Market Research.
  • – Gathering of Leads (Online, Social Media, Partnerships, and Office Visits)
  • – Email Marketing.