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Bath Spa University RAK Students Engage at ASEAN Business Matching

November 24, 2021

Bath Spa University Academic Center RAK’s students significantly impacted the prestigious ASEAN Business Matching event at the Dubai Expo on November 22, 2021. Demonstrating their commitment and enthusiasm, the Student Ambassadors actively participated, facilitating meaningful connections and fostering long-term, reciprocal business relationships within the ASEAN communities.

The event served as a platform for ASEAN leaders and businesses to exchange ideas and explore potential collaborations. Bath Spa University RAK students seized this exceptional opportunity to engage directly with these influential figures during an engaging open forum. Their interactions provided valuable insights into international business dynamics and created a space for cultural exchange and the formation of connections that can prove invaluable for future endeavours.

The active involvement of the students exemplified Bath Spa University’s dedication to providing students with real-world exposure and networking opportunities. By representing the University at the ASEAN Business Matching event, they showcased their ability to thrive professionally and contribute meaningfully to the global business community.

This experience further enriched their academic journey, enhancing their understanding of the ASEAN market and strengthening their ability to navigate the complexities of international business. In addition, the students’ accomplishment is evidence of the University’s commitment to developing well-rounded professionals capable of positively impacting the global stage.

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