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Bath Spa University and Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK: Strengthening Global Partnerships

Higher education institutions are forging transnational partnerships to foster academic excellence and cross-cultural understanding in an era of unprecedented global collaboration. One such collaboration is between Bath Spa University and Future Education World FZ LLC (Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK), where leaders from both institutions recently convened to discuss the progress of their ongoing partnership.

On March 14, 2023, Raja Sajjad Hussain, CEO, Mr. Saqib Bhatti, Head of Academics, and Hassan Sajjad, of Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK met with Vice-Chancellor Sue Rigby of Bath Spa University at the UK campus. Senior leaders from both institutions attended the meeting, which focused on various topics related to their collaboration and partnership. Prior to this, the delegation from BSU Academic Centre RAK also met the senior leader of BSU UK in the office of Professor Georgina Andrew, Provost, to discuss the ongoing and future developments of BSU Academic Centre RAK.

During the meeting, CEO Raja Sajjad Hussain expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome and generous hospitality shown during his visit, particularly by Vice-Chancellor Rigby. He praised the value of the strategic discussions, stating that the UAE team had learned a great deal from the inspiring ideas shared.
The agenda of the meeting was extensive and covered a wide range of topics, including the accomplishments of Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK in both academic and non-academic areas, enrollment projections up to 2028, and long-term partnerships. Admissions concerns were also discussed, as were plans to strengthen collaboration and partnerships and develop a new campus in the UAE.

Vice-Chancellor Rigby expressed her satisfaction with the performance of Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK through Future Education World, UAE, and was pleased with the progress being made. Her remarks highlighted the commitment of both institutions to excellence and innovation.

The meeting concluded with an invitation from CEO Raja Sajjad Hussain to Vice-Chancellor Sue Rigby to be the Guest of Honor at the upcoming graduation ceremony in August, to be held in Dubai. This gesture of goodwill reinforced the importance of celebrating academic achievements and fostering international cooperation.

The partnership between Bath Spa University and Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK is a powerful example of the transformative potential of global collaboration in higher education. The strategic discussions and initiatives undertaken by the two institutions have yielded impressive results, and their ongoing commitment to excellence bodes well for their future prospects. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, partnerships such as these will play a critical role in shaping the academic landscape of the future.


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