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Bath Spa University RAK Freshers’ Party 2023!

October 23, 2022

This year’s theme is Hollywood stardom, highlighting the noticeable movie stars posing on the red carpet relishing their victories after a successful movie launch. The star casts students to feel that way when they walk through the light-studded red carpet down the middle of the Al Maha Ballroom, RAK Hotel, which is one of the event’s spotlights. Not only was the ballroom filled with the best-dressed students, but streams of talent also took center stage, with bands blasting out songs of the decade and solo singers swooning the audience with their dulcet tones. 

One of the event’s main highlights was the annual Mr. and Ms. BSU event, renamed to Mr. and Ms. Freshers 2022, with pairings from different courses and campuses. The event spotlighted quick-wittedness and intelligence with a dash of cleverness and allure.

Another event highlight was the Grand Singing Idol contest, composed of individual singers and pop-rock bands showcasing the best of their vocals and instrumental prowess. Despite the occasional technical hiccups, the performers brought forward their best foot in harmony and rhythm. 

Dancers also formed an integral part of the show, with dance troupes grooving their bodies to the beats of the 21st century, adding their flair to every song that made part of their routines.

Furthermore, the awarding ceremony gave students who participated in the events the recognition they deserved. From the poster-making contests, the song and dance contests, and the pageantry, students wore smiles on their faces as they each received appreciation for the efforts they exerted. And the moment they longed for came at the end: students gathered in the middle of the hall with the resident band hyping the students to groove all they got on the dance floor; even the students formed a train while the songs went on!

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