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BSU Community Engagement: A Tribute to Bravery and Unity

June 19, 2023

Every June 12, Filipinos worldwide come together to commemorate Independence Day, a significant milestone in their history. This momentous occasion marks the freedom Filipinos fought for and gained during the Spanish-American War, symbolising the valour and resilience of the Filipino spirit. As 125 years have passed since that historic event, this year’s celebration in the United Arab Emirates calls for a grand festivity that embraces bravery from the past, present, and dreams of the future.

Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK proudly joined the Filipino community, government officials, and diplomats commemorating 125 years of Philippine independence. The University actively participated in two remarkable “Kalayaan” and “PID” celebrations held on June 10 and 18 at the prestigious Dubai World Trade Centre under the theme “Freedom. Future. History.” the University’s staff, faculty, and students showcased their unity by joining the vibrant parade of colours, representing one of the many esteemed academic institutions in the UAE. Additionally, they mesmerised the audience with a captivating dance performance, highlighting the rich festivals of Luzon Island.

As the institution that has produced the most Filipino graduates in the country, Bath Spa University RAK takes immense pride in celebrating the true spirit of Philippine independence. Joining compatriots outside of the Philippines for the “Kalayaan” and “PID” festivities not only added vibrancy to the occasion but also emphasised the unity of Filipinos across borders.

On the same momentous day of June 18, the Senior Vice President, Dr. Nino Decenorio, had the esteemed honour of being the guest speaker commemorating the birth of the Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. The Knights of Rizal Dubai Chapter event, held at the Philippine Consulate Dubai and the Northern Emirates, paid tribute to the profound influence of Dr. Rizal. Dr. Decenorio’s inspiring message during the event resonated with the attendees: “Not only did Dr. Rizal inspire his fellow countrymen, but he also inspired overseas Filipinos. His unwavering dedication to his homeland and tireless efforts to secure its freedom stand as shining examples to Filipinos worldwide. Rizal’s remarkable legacy encourages overseas Filipinos to embrace their cultural heritage, contribute to their communities, and strive for excellence in all endeavours. Following in Rizal’s footsteps, they can become ambassadors of change, fostering unity and advocating for the welfare of their fellow Filipinos.”

Bath Spa University RAK remains steadfast in supporting all multi-national communities nationwide and celebrating diversity. By actively participating in events promoting cultural heritage and unity, the University fosters an inclusive environment that encourages dialogue, understanding, and appreciation of different cultures.

As Filipinos worldwide rejoice in commemorating their 125 years of independence, may this celebration serve as a testament to the indomitable Filipino spirit that perseveres and continues flourishing, paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future.

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