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BSU RAK Job Fair 2023: Flaring a Trajectory to Fresh Horizons

August 21, 2023

In pursuit of a holistic educational experience, Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK, in partnership with FilHR- DNE, hosted a Corporate Preparatory Workshop & Job Fair on 19th August 2023 at Al Ghurair Office Tower, Dubai. Organised by the Corporate Affairs office in collaboration with Gina Basilan Perez, FilHR- DNE’s Director of External Affairs, the event seeks to ignite students’ professional journeys and prepare them for the corporate world.

The activity commenced with an insightful seminar and workshop on CV Writing, Personal Branding, Job Interviews, and Job Hunting Tips, led by distinguished human resource experts: Jessie Quintilla, Head of People and Culture at Elite Co; Jerry Selayro, HR Manager at Elite Co; Ma. Katrina Carino, HR Manager at Casinetto; and Florence Dalupang-Bueno, Human Resources & Admin Director at SEE Engineering.
Following the morning workshop, the afternoon featured the eagerly awaited job fair and internship opportunity. Local and international brands from diverse industries, including finance, business consultancy, supply chain, hospitality, tourism, engineering, and retail, converged and diligently assessed students’ skills with meticulous attention.

Amidst the event, Level 5, Level 6 and graduating students were excited as they awaited their interview turns. While some attended interviews for the first time, others exhibited exceptional interviewing skills. Students marvelled at the opportunity to network with recruiters and learn potential career paths.

Towards the end of the event, Dr. Nino Decenorio, BSU RAK Senior Vice President, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to all the participants, especially the participating companies and FilHR- DNE, for their continued support of the university. Felicito Hernandez, FilHR – DNE President, also congratulated the students, extending warm wishes for their future endeavours.

BSU RAK’s Job Fair 2023 paved the way for meaningful collaboration between the business community and academia. It also served as a platform for students to gain insights into real-world job requirements and keep up with the current job market trends.

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