BSU RAK Students Gear Up for Speed Interview with Stratgeist - Bath Spa University RAK

BSU RAK Students Gear Up for Speed Interview with Stratgeist

June 22, 2023

BSU RAK Students showcased their wit, grace, and poise in an exhilarating speed interview   with the brilliant minds behind Stratgeist, on 22nd June 2023 at Metaverse Age Training  Institute, Dubai.

The interview was headed by Jason Lim, CEO, Claira Chua, Content Strategist, and Sharina Manaog, Editor, with the goal  to  identify the best talents that could contribute  to  the organization’s continued success. The session was also designed to assess students’ abilities and potential in the realms of  media and communications.

Stratgeist’s visit serves as a testament to the commitment of the extraordinary partnership with Bath Spa University RAK. Our  students  embraced the challenge head-on to impress the interviewers and leave a lasting impression.

BSU RAK Students left the session empowered, and with their aspirations bolstered by the unique opportunity  gained from engaging with the industry professionals.

Stratgeist is a Singaporean-based media and communications company. The organization provides comprehensive management services for brands who want to entrust their social media outreach to professionals who understand the nuances of marketing, promotion and publicity intrinsically.

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