Chinese Universities Set the Benchmark with their Visit to BSU RAK - Bath Spa University RAK

Chinese Universities Set the Benchmark with their Visit to BSU RAK

June 24, 2023

Top officials and delegates from Shandong University of Technology, Shandong Normal University, Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology, Binzhou Applied Science and Technology Research Institute, Binzhou Polytechnic, Weifang University, and Taishan University visited BSU RAK on 18th June 2023.

The visit provides an avenue to showcase international advancements and foster collaborations among UAE universities. Highlighting the plans of international exchanges and cooperations, the universities seek to invite teachers and students from the UAE to Shandong Province, China, for culture, study tours, summer and winter camps, and visits to well-known enterprises; and carry out scientific research cooperation.

After the fruitful session at BSU RAK, the Chinese delegates and representatives from BSU RAK proceeded to attend a university conference hosted at The University of Dubai. The event was graced with the esteemed presence of notable Chinese diplomats in the UAE, such as Mr. Li Xuang, Consul General at the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Dubai, and Mr. Deng Yunfeng, Vice Governor of Shandong, as well as officials from various universities in the UAE who actively participated in the conference.

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