Encounter of Inspiration: Bath Spa University RAK Hosts Esteemed Guests from the UK Campus for an Unforgettable Visit - Bath Spa University RAK

Encounter of Inspiration: Bath Spa University RAK Hosts Esteemed Guests from the UK Campus for an Unforgettable Visit

May 23, 2023

Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK had the honour of welcoming esteemed guests on May 23rd, as Pro-Vice-Chancellor Dr. Mark McGuinness and Director of Student Recruitment Ben Hughes visited the campus. The visitors received a warm reception from CEO Raja Sajjad Hussain, SVP Dr. Nino Decenorio, Campus Director Professor M.N. Brohi, Head of Academics Saqib Shahzad Bhatti, Program Leader Iftikhar Alam Khan, managers, coordinators, faculty, staff, and students.

During their visit, Dr. McGuinness and Mr. Hughes conversed with staff, explored the facilities, and had the opportunity to meet with students. The campus showcased its resources, including lecture halls and laboratories. The interaction with students was a highlight, as the distinguished guests shared words of inspiration and encouragement. The guests also witnessed the project exhibitions of the Creative Computing students, and they applauded them for a job well done.

The visit profoundly impacted both the guests and the university community. Dr. McGuinness inspired the students to embrace and adapt to change as a response to the demands of times. He also challenged the staff to prioritise the students’ well-being during their academic journey. Mr. Hughes, on the one hand, acknowledged the unique academic environment at Bath Spa University RAK because of the presence of diversity. On the other hand, he motivated students and staff to cultivate creativity—an essential skill for success in the real world.

During the visit, Ms. Arooj Baig, Business Program Coordinator and Head of Student Affairs, delivered a concise presentation to the guests, showcasing Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK’s accomplishments, achievements, and future plans. The guests expressed their sincere gratitude for the warm welcome and the arrangements made by the local team.

Furthermore, the senior management accompanied Dr. McGuinness and Mr. Hughes to visit the proposed site where the new campus of Bath Spa University RAK will be established as part of the future development.

Collaboration and camaraderie pervaded the atmosphere as the visit concluded, promising an exciting future. Bath Spa University RAK remains unwavering in its commitment to empowering students and providing an exceptional educational experience. With the invaluable support of esteemed individuals from the BSU UK Campus, such as Dr. McGuinness and Mr. Hughes, BSU RAK continues to shape society and prepare students to impact the world positively.


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