Mind Setting for Fall Semester 2020: The University's new normal | Webinar - Bath Spa University RAK

Mind Setting for Fall Semester 2020: The University’s new normal | Webinar

July 15, 2020

On July 15, 2020, Prof. Rommel Sergio, a distinguished Canadian University Professor, conducted a crucial webinar to equip students with the necessary tools to adapt to the “New Normal.” This Webinar considered the profound impact of Covid-19 and the rise of digital learning as a prominent teaching model. Prof. Sergio’s Webinar aimed to guide students through the changes and challenges brought about by these unprecedented circumstances. By providing valuable insights and strategies, the Webinar empowered students to navigate the evolving educational landscape successfully. Prof. Sergio’s expertise shed light on the opportunities presented by digital learning and prepared students to thrive in the face of adversity, ensuring they were well-prepared for the “New Normal.”

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