Professional Training and Job Fair Programme – FILHR Dubai and Northern Emirates

Annually, the university organizes a Professional Training and Job Fair Programme for its final year students. This year, our Corporate Partner FilHR Dubai and Northern Emirates along with its members most of whom volunteered to be our postgraduate alumni led the Professional Training and Simulation with the theme “The Ultimate Fresh Grad Starter Pack”

 The FilHR DNE team imparted knowledge and insights to the students regarding building their confidence, knowing their worth, how to effectively present themselves, building their CVs, and getting to know themselves in order to convince the employers that they are the best fit for the position. Finally, after the students have learned the tips and tricks they experienced an interview simulation with various HR leaders who treated them like real applicants to give them a real sense of what it’s like to be interviewed. After the interviews, they were then given feedback on how they can do better

The university believed that such training will empower the students and prepare the for the corporate world’s challenges.

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