Our Governance - Bath Spa University RAK

Bath Spa University RAK Organisational Structure

Our university boasts a well-crafted organisational structure that fosters collaboration, innovation, and growth. Guided by visionary leaders, our strategic direction is set, while esteemed faculty members shape the intellectual landscape. Dedicated administrators ensure seamless operations. Together, we deliver an exceptional educational experience, nurturing talent and shaping a promising future.

Oversight Organisational Structure (OOS)

In partnership with Bath Spa University UK, the OOS of Bath Spa University RAK ensures seamless coordination, strategic alignment, and effective governance. It facilitates communication, maintains academic standards, and enhances the educational experience for students. This partnership maximises resources and expertise, promoting excellence and sustainability in university operations.


HE Dr. Sheikh Majid Bin Saeed Al Nuaimi

Chairman, Ruler's Court of Ajman, Bath Spa University RAK

Raja Sajjad Hussain

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Nino Decenorio

Senior Vice President

Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Brohi

Campus Director/Head of Research

Dr. Liju Thomas

Head of Quality Assurance and Accreditation Department

Saqib Bhatti

Head of Academics

Iftikhar Khan

Programme Leader Computing

Eleanor Carino

Head of Finance and Administration

Dr. Sally Martir

Head of Marketing and Admissions

Melvin Ra┼łeses

Head of Corporate Affairs & Internship

Raven Lucin

Head of Digital Media

Irfan Ullah

Head of Operations

Arshiya Subhani

Head of Learning Resources

Abdul Basit

Head of IT Services

Arooj Baig

Head of Students Affairs/Programme Coordinator, Business & Management

Saima Khan

Programme Coordinator, Psychology

Anmol Zubair

Programme Coordinator, Computing