Budding entrepreneur? CEO of the future? Marketing Director in the making? Whatever your aspirations, our Business and Management course will give you a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of modern business. ​Along the way you’ll develop the core skills you need to excel in all kinds of businesses and start to build a clear picture of exactly where those skills could take you.

This course celebrates digital creativity. We teach you broad computing and design skills, from smartphone app building to VR game development and beyond. You learn your craft from the ground up, through a mix of workshops, tech demos, creative problem solving challenges and collaborative briefs. 

Welcome to the Master’s in Business & Management. This degree will provide you with new insights from experienced academic staff and interactions with fellow students. This will help you to develop your career and provide you with the confidence and skills required to be creative, enterprising, resilient and innovative for a successful future in business leadership!

Creative Computing is everywhere. Our growing reliance on computing tools and experiences nevertheless demands a new form of talent – people who are technical yet creative, analytical yet playful, and experimental yet business-minded.

MSc Creative Computing has been designed to respond to this growing need within the creative industries.

A trip through all of the fundamental psychological concepts and principles is what psychology is all about. The knowledge acquired from this course allows students to critically assess psychological research and to understand human thinking and conduct in greater depth.