3 Years  |  6 Semesters |  Academic Center RAK

This course celebrates digital creativity. We teach you broad computing and design skills, from smartphone app building to VR game development and beyond. You learn your craft from the ground up, through a mix of workshops, tech demos, creative problem solving challenges and collaborative briefs. We believe that in this field you learn best by making, so you can look forward to creating digital work from day one.

Course Structure


First Year

Level 4

Master the basics. Start your journey through Creative Computing by developing key skills in computing and digital design. We provide an induction to computer science (binary, hardware, operating systems, networking) and probe the social and ethical consequences that are distinct to the digital age.


Second Year
Level 5

Enhance your digital skill set. Core module, Code-lab II introduces the C family of programming languages. We introduce agile methodologies of production and teach you how to deploy event listeners and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to create interactive, data driven programs.


Third Year

Level 6

Kick-start your career. You’ll enhance your software development knowledge, while setting yourself up for success in the tech / creative industries. One third of your time is spent developing a significant digital artifact. This work becomes the centerpiece of a compelling, industry-focused creative portfolio.

Assessments |

Creative Computing is almost entirely coursework assessed. You’ll deliver a varied and balanced collection of artefacts including prototype software, experiment portfolios, digital interfaces, interactive stories and web apps. Project work is supported by contextual essays, reflective commentaries, sketchbooks, reports, pitches, presentations, debates and b/vlogs.

Teaching Methods |

You’ll be taught through creative workshops, technical labs, seminars and project drop-ins. These sessions are supported by individual and team tutorials throughout your degree programme. CodeLab modules are delivered in small groups. This provides the tutor contact time you need to learn computer programming effectively.

A network of visiting speakers and mentors keep you in touch with developments in the tech/creative sectors, while a team of technical demonstrators reinforce the ‘skills training’ aspects of your learning.

Entry Requirements |

For Direct Entry in Year 1:

     Indian students with 65% marks at Grade XII / Pakistani students with 70% marks at Grade XII

     A Level – Grades BCC

     Other equivalent qualifications from EduQual/BTEC with Merit

For Direct Entry in Year 2:

     Accredited Prior Learning equivalent to Year 1

     Other equivalent qualifications from EduQual/BTEC with Merit

For Direct Entry in Year 3:

     Accredited Prior Learning equivalent to Year 2

     Other equivalent qualifications from EduQual/BTEC with Merit

English Language |

A mandatory English Language Test by the Bath Spa University UK conducted at the UAE Campus. Contact Us for details.

​Please Note:

All applications are reviewed individually. Pls contact us to check your eligibility.

Fee |

Local students | AED 22,500 per year (after Scholarship).

International students | $ 8,810 per year.

For more information feel free to contact:

Mr. Iftikhar A Khan, Program Leader for Creative Computing at iftikhar@bathspa.ae; to discuss eligibility, pathway programs & other information.

Modules Overview |

  •  Introduction to Computing

  •  Digital Storytelling

  •  Code Lab 1

  •  Experience Design

  •  Web Development

  •  Ideation & Creative Problem Solving

  •  Code Lab 2

  •  Games Development

  •  Smartphone Apps

  •  Emerging Technologies

  •  Creative Industry Challenge

  •  The Responsive Web

  •  Applied Computing

  •  Web Apps

  •  Cyber Security

  •  Creative Incubator

  •  Tomorrow’s Web

  •  Physical Computing

Our Tutors
Our Industry Experts
Our Students


BSc (Hons) Creative Computing | Yr 3

The Creative Computing programme allowed me to nourish my creativity and combine it with my love for technology. It’s not your usual computing course, it’s more of an upgraded one which taught us to innovate, create, and understand technology in different perspectives.

Kyla Buarao

BSc (Hons) Creative Computing | Yr 3

With the course, Creative Computing, I’ve learned to write codes efficiently with different programming languages and enhance my skills in digital design as well.

Patrisha Ortigas

BSc (Hons) Creative Computing | Yr 3

BSc Creative Computing helped me understand that to code, we need to apply creativity, not just pure coding logic.



Allelee Flores

BSc (Hons) Creative Computing | Yr 3

BSc Creative Computing was daunting at first, but it has offered nothing but incredible opportunities for me to explore my abilities and creativity. I was able to study a wide variety of selections to choose from, especially Gaming and Web Development.