Student Council 2023 - Bath Spa University RAK

Office of the Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs plays a vital role on campus, as it is a central hub for all matters related to student life and activities. This office supports and enriches the student experience by providing various services, resources, and programs.

The Office of Student Affairs’ main focus is to enhance students’ academic and personal growth while promoting a sense of community and belonging on campus. The office provides various services to achieve these goals, including academic advising, counselling, career services, health services, and financial aid.

In addition to these services, the Office of Student Affairs also coordinates various activities and events, such as student organisations, cultural events, athletic programs, and leadership development programs. These opportunities help students to connect with their peers, build new skills, and develop a sense of purpose and direction.

The Office of Student Affairs is the Student Council’s conduit in matters concerning the welfare of the studentry. For questions, clarifications, or further details, contact the Head of Student Affairs at

Student Council Purpose

A university’s student body can get involved in running the institution through its elected Student Council, which acts as a liaison between the student body and the administration, faculty, and parents.

A Student Council’s primary duty is to “promote the interests of the university and the involvement of students in the affairs of the university, in cooperation with the management, parents, and teachers”.

Every year student council will determine its own agenda aligned with University’s mission and vision; the primary objectives are: ­

  • To improve communication between students, administration, staff, and parents ­
  • To provide an atmosphere that is supportive of learning, wellness, and personal growth ­
  • To encourage friendship and respect among students ­
  • To represent the students’ opinions on issues of broad importance to them and the management and staff as they work to build the University

Student Council 2023

Huda Imran


Fairouz Kate Nava

Vice President External

Alina Masood

Vice President Internal

Jiyana Marie


Executive Committee

Arooj Baig

Head of Students Affairs - Executive Committee

Jose Barbasa

Administrative Coordinator - Executive Committee

Saima Khan

Mental Wellbeing & Pastoral Services - Executive Committee

Usman Ahmad

Sports Head - Executive Committee

Anmol Zubair

Disciplinary - Committee Member

Ifitikhar Alam Khan

Disciplinary - Committee Member

Zainab Aslam

Disciplinary - Committee Member

Lorena Quilatan

Disciplinary - Committee Member